CVE Hosted Services


Extending your existing Enterprise Environment as a service

A True Enterprise Cloud

CVE’s Enterprise Infrastructure as-a-service is designed to support the application lifecycle of your business. Using the CVE IaaS portal, your development team can provision and push applications to production knowing that the underlying cloud infrastructure is secure and supported by your IT department. By providing “a better way”, development can align with your corporate IT standards and mitigate the risks associated with using public commodity clouds.

Our Enterprise IaaS service offers:

  • Portal for self-provisioning and management
  • Scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Monthly billing and predictable cost
  • 99.5% availability
  • 24 x 7 Support available

Technology management is what we do.

Our proactive technology management allows you to rest at ease. The CVE Cloud IaaS provides you a comprehensive Enterprise-class Service Agreement. Our customer-centric approach to your specific needs includes: proactive technology management, a robust SLA on service delivery, ITIL principles of service design, transition, delivery, continuous service improvement, and a fully-automated service management system.

You maintain control

CVE Technologies IaaS portal enables authorized customers to rapidly deploy cloud computing resources such as virtual servers and cloud storage. The portal allows users to deploy preset templates to provision and scale environments on demand without vendor interaction or approval delays. The portal also provides real-time visibility into performance and cost information for the provisioned services.

The CVE Cloud portal uses Cisco UCS Director. Through this portal you can deploy and scale environments. You also have real-time visibility into performance and cost information for the provisioned services.

We want to keep tabs on where our applications are running. And we want to be able to audit our service provider. We need custom configurations. At the end of the day we want the extra comfort of knowing the people who are running our cloud.

- Joshua Hood, Alliance Health