Introducing the CVE Enterprise Cloud

Extending your environment with true Enterprise Infrastructure and industry experts

What is an Enterprise Cloud?

The CVE Enterprise Cloud is an essential part of a new vision that is being built by technology industry leaders. A vision of multiple federated clouds, each with its own purpose and expertise. Your on-premise infrastructure now integrated with an Enterprise Cloud ecosystem supported by industry experts.

We are a native extension of your existing environment.

Key Reasons to Choose CVE Hosted Services

  • Integrates natively with your Cisco, EMC, NetApp, and VMware environment
  • Multi-site and true redundancy
  • Based on Cisco, EMC runbooks, and best practices
  • Custom solutions based on performance, reliability, and federation requirements
  • World class engineering and support
  • Workload readiness and migration project plans

Enterprise Infrastructure (IaaS)

With CVE’s Enterprise IaaS, you can access a self-service portal to quickly provision services, track your utilization, and monitor your costs online with the latest cloud management software from Cisco.

Enterprise Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

CVE’s Enterprise DRaaS allows you to deploy a multi-site DR environment. Supporting native replication of your existing infrastructure, based on vendor best-practices and runbooks.

Enterprise Backup, Archive and Storage (BaaS, AaaS & StaaS)

CVE’s Enterprise BaaS, AaaS and StaaS protects both your on premise and cloud based workloads by using industry-leading backup, archive, and storage systems.

Built on brands you trust.

CVE Enterprise Cloud provides Enterprise Infrastructure based on Cisco, EMC, NetApp, and VMware. These proven brands are an essential ingredient to businesses looking to extend their existing data center.

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